HTML Emails Being Marked As Spam

An internet site . I am working away at has a subscription-based publication. The business is going to be sending out HTML-based emails because that is definitely what the purchaser wants. However, We are having trouble receiving the messages through unsolicited mail filters, like together with Yahoo.

Does anyone know if you find a way for you to mark HTML emails so they aren’t seen as spam

Any help will be greatly apppreciated!

generally you simply can’t, as then spammers would likely just mark junk as non-spam.

Yep, I figured all the… Thank you

it really is possible to comprise a remote iFrame within the e-mail. That was the particular spam scanner probably won’t scan the iFrame. Alternatively if u can include PHP in e-mails u tend to make it extract the news from your remote database.

We mail out HTML emails using a monthly basis and usually do not own a problem with these going through. May your content rather than that experts claim it’s HTML file format. Try this on-line tool I often use to validate content: http: //www. lyris. com/contentchecker/. It runs the content through mail filters all of which will tell you for those who have anything that could possibly exceed the thresholds to be identified as unsolicited mail. Hope that assists.


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