i am crafting a maintenance agreement

WE borrowed this section from another freelance corporation (who gave available a sample web development contract to the class)

" The Client shall result in making additional payments for changes around original assignment requested because of the Client. However, no additional payment is intended to be made for changes required to conform to the main assignment description. The client shall offer the Developer the initial opportunity to make any changes. "

I will be trying to understand the 2nd sentence, the one who starts with " However". It looks like double-talk.

Demons Advocate

Question 1:
Why do many web companies leave out design changes factored in their maintenance deals Would creating added photos for a web-based gallery go underneath a maintenance agreement

Question 2:
Would a developer be better off giving the client a Content Software System, (in case they’re locked with other projects that will need attention to) AS WELL AS should the custom made just bite the particular bullet and complete the updates him/herself

I would give a content management system should the client needed several updates and acquired a budget for the introduction of one. Otherwise I’d provide webmaster tweets!

Regards, Drew
Captain Marketing.

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