I need direction

Hello there everyone.

Concerning this little 10 minute presentation due in a few months, and I would like to start doing it. The dilemma is, I are deprived of any clue the way I should go about doing it.

The subject is Web pattern, but I don’t know the direction to go. If anyone can away from some ideas, I’d be with your debt. I’m not asking one to do the project for me, just to offer me a push within the right direction, or rather any direction in any respect.

I would maybe get started with with talking about many of the languages and what they greatly. For example WEB CODING, CSS, PHP really are a few you could possibly mention.

Then maybe an amount of history

Me, I would communicate a lot about Web Requirements. What they usually are. How they came to exist. Why Benefits of web standards, and many others.

And then maybe some screenshots of well designed websites, talk about dui lawyer las vegas like them. What exactly is good, what’s negative. Maybe some bad plus the website design in addition.

There exists so much you could talk about. Hope a number this helps.

Sure, I personally would consider

JUST ONE: Web history
TWO: Web standards
3: What is that will come

And then probably end with just what exactly you hope to see sometime soon from the net.

best of luck.

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