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hello there,

Ive acquired my isp webspace, and i’d prefer a simple site up so i’ll share files having my girlfriend while nancy away. I’ve passworded it with the. htaccess and. htpasswd documents but thats it
I would really like somthing like an online site that lists many of the files that will be up there, consequently she can download them. Will primarily be music and also pictures. I cant do any of your stuff, so you want complete instruction, every help is a lot appreciated.

Bless you

why not merely use an file transfer protocol program!

the lady aint that good, she can issue and click nonetheless…. please answer my question and not supply alternatives

or u may use internet explorer ftp: //(your hosts ip adress here) that is going to look just such as opening a list in windows
if you wish to use ftp you can actually go to get a hold of. com and type leech ftp within thier search field the very first option should always be leech ftp YOU. 3 its great once you discover ways to use it

every asnwers to my question though….. make sure you dont suggest other possibilities

Did you place a file in the directory called " directory. html" or
" directory. htm"

If you ever did, try extracting it. With absolutely no " index. html", your browser
could display the list contents. She can easily open and/or download
any of which.

You may forget the. htaccess stuff and just result in a normal directory
having a strange name of which only SHE understands. Nobody else is able to
find it or learn that it’s possibly there.

The right formula to your dilemma:

You will create a server-side script together with PHP or Perl.
That script will display a log-in for her including a file-handling
operate that she can access from almost any PC anywhere… no
special knowledge required. If you can’t script yourself, you’ll
need to find someone which could.

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