I need help badly!!

Hello Everyone,
Revise. Random gibberish absent. Now having a large time problem w/ glasses. I want to link from the page below to some frameset that contains the four several sections where individuals will scroll through the bottom to see the photos.
Any help as well as insight into that is soo greatly valued.

http: //www. mandrakestudios. com/

dude all i get is the best server directory. i dont see the index. html and also index. php or the like. i am without a doubt anti dreamweaver but when you are willing to study some code to receive around this i would love to help. the problem with relying on dreamweaver and such is that when the sector shifts and dreamweaver falls behind hundreds of sites are worthles untill another release of dreamweaver. lest designers actualy learn code.

Site loads with luck fine. What random gibberish thinking of talking about

It was numerous random numbers in addition to words like " content/data" " application/octet, stream"… and so forth..

I was using yahoo’s document uploading system that will upload everything, I then switched to fetch now its gone. Then again, my frame pages can be the problem. I upload these and link them towards the index and I obtain the " not found" communication… sigh…

Did you check out the FULL WEBSITE, or partial URL belonging to the frames

Very well, to be honest, I dont also know anymore. Yesterday everything worked great. Then I took it right down to fix the random gibberish so when I went returning to upload it all went downhill.

Basically, when I develop a frames page i visit New, Framesets, Set top… I insert my page aspects in each figure, I name just about every frame, then after i save it asks saving three different instances.
1 a frameset as well as two frames. Am I missing something

I have been previously at it for hours on end and I assume I’m starting to psyche myself out and about… it cant become this hard right lol

It normally isn’t hard make use of frames, but frames will not be the recommended
most viable option… at least, none folks would recommend these. We normally
use PHP scripting to incorporate content (and possibly not use frames). You can not run
PHP scripts offline (unless there are a server), but it is possible to code with PHP and
examination out your websites online. Even using static HTML pages surpasses frames.

in fact i use php along with iframes. php isn’t going to allow for scrolling in a defined area on the layout, iframes do that is certainly what he is getting at. but we’ve something better. mandrake i something i construct for you when you are interested. i need to raise my empty portfol.

Lol… anyone guys are entertaining… As my wdf designations affirms, I’m a entire " noob"… I’d love to adopt Dorky’s advice along with drop some CSS’s with my site and even some PHP action as an example. I’d also prefer to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But I’m a photographer by business and am just attempting to build a fundamental, yet elegant web page to display our photos.
Basically can take my index page to connection to a page like that: www. tokyphotography. com, I’ll you have to be than satisfied. That is certainly basically how in order to setup a frameset that contain all sections regarding my site. Best part stays static, underlying part w/ photos scrolls the la Toky’s.
If anyone will help me do which, I will invest in you a vitual biscuit…: laugh:

Shoot me a great email and I’ll are more than happy to help you with your issues.


I upload a casings page, or will it be a frameset web site, or is that just my worst nightmare, up to the server and I keep getting this kind of wretched message!!!

http: //www. mandrakestudios. com/UntitledFrameset-12. htm

You could start to help out in such a thread

What software thinking of using to create your web pages Please provide a connect to the main figure, or better nevertheless, post the signal here so you can easliy see how this frames are related.

Thanks Wired, you’re a true prince! I’m using Dreamweaver or as I like to call it right now: Nightmareweaver, heh heh heh.

I created the frameset that i want to connection from my index chart page aka www. mandrakestudios. com through the " dirty glam" website link on there. And the following is the code for your there frameset. Its also currently associated with the index page not to mention, it says: " not really found"…

<! DOCTYPE CODE PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD CODE 4. 01 Frameset//EN" " http: //www. w3. org/TR/html4/frameset. dtd" >
< html>
< head>
< title> Untitled Document< /title>
< meta http-equiv=" Content-Type" content=" text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" >
< /head>

< frameset rows=" 112, *" cols=" *" framespacing=" 0" frameborder=" NO" border=" 0" >
< mode src=".. /MandrakeStudios. htm" name=" topFrame" scrolling=" NO" noresize >
< mode src=".. /UntitledFrame-4

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