I need help!!

Greetings, I’m just starting out with web improvement. I would love to make an activity website and the theory is that at least generate my living from that. I also desire to create a blog.

I need in help in finding out which kind of languages I’ll need. Will I want CSS and xtml

A little something else, I skimmed a book not too long ago telling me personally that xhtml was the modern thing and now I find html 5 is a new ‘en vogue’ lisenced users language.

Would you guys give me personally a ‘course of action’ in mastering how to become a good programmer

This may sound childish nevertheless this girl who created your website:

internet. whateverlife. com

kind of inspired me. How a 15 year old can establish a multi-milliondollar website.

What’s her hidden knowledge Does she know java and javascript and stuff that way as well

You will know PHP plus MySQL.
You’ll find website now making use of server-side scripting (programming).
Maybe it’s ASP, Perl… but PHP in conjunction with MySQL is one of the most common.

This url for example is definitely all PHP/MySQL.

You might need to base your site off from Drupal or Joomla and go after that.

I wouldn’t say you need to know PHP in addition to MySQL, but it truly is definitely the way websites are going. You can make do with making simply html websites (and toss some xml on the mix), but shipping and delivery get the interactivity people two languages bring on the table. html 5 will administer an age to implement, so you don’t need to worry about that for the moment. Your best bet should be to visit http: //www. w3. org/ and just absorb all the details there. Once you receive your head all over that, then you will get into the great stuff like utilizing PHP with sources. One important issue to remember, employ html for displaying content only, utilize css for decorating it and so that it is look pretty.

He wants a site… he has to be aware of PHP/MySQL

Yeh PHP reasonable enough, I didn’t look closely at the bit wherever he said he / she wanted a blog. But still, he doesn’t necessarily need to use MySQL: http: //www. simplephpblog. com/

This website doesn’t use the item.

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