I think I got ripped !!!!

Please see this thread: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/showthread. phps=& threadid=7734

It REALLY appears to be these people stole my Color Table script!!! The table looks Exactly like mine… and the code is quite similar!!!

What do you guys think I ought of do

Compliment them for making use of your code

You can contact them and aim to get some free software from them. Even in the event you dont want it, atleast it would be payment for ones work. You could present the software to be a prize for the particular August WDF contest if you want.

This forum is made for web design, not body building

I don’t believe they ripped your own script, its only a coincidence

Traniso you might have been stitched about that other site, its not on that you can find little that can be done about it. I expect all people here has designed thier site influenced by a layout with another, thats just how people learn, but stealing value that some one particular else has written and developed isnt quite all right.

i think that you need to definitely do something concerning this. this isn’t a simple rollover script. YOU wrote it, it belongs to you. it was totally wrong of these to just steal it like this. and, i think it is pretty obvious that they stole it out of you – after all, i don’t consider you’d have difficulty proving it. because, the code appears to be so alike. especially the fact that they are earning money off of it – ugh!

I just realized where they will ripped it from. I had the color table code placed at www. advancedwebcontent. com for some time, until I ended developing that challenge… I think POST also posted a chek out it here after.

JUST Only took ya a year man, congrats!

After a very few heated emails with internet websites that site, I now believe that he DID NOT rip my script. POST apologized to your ex boyfriend in my very last communication to him, and I’d love to retract whatever implications We have made against your pet on WDF.


See you should try to make certain first before a person hurled any accusations in the foreseeable future. Just a helpful advice no offense meant.: classic:

Yes, I think this individual figured that out recently.

That one line was a little bizarre, though…

< kitchen table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 border=0 bgcolor=" #000000" >

is there much probability, I ask yourself, that two folks can have
– a similar inconsistent use regarding quotes
– precisely the same order of capabilities, and values
– over a colour table website (hardly essentially the most common)…

Personally I believe (and thought in the time) that what whomever did (or someone else did before him) was take Transio’s script as well as tidied it in place… it isn’t Transio’s script nonetheless, I think, it really is an evolution connected with Transio’s script…. they’ve pretty much re-written most connected with it, but have left several bits in there, including that kitchen table tag.

In the centuries folks get always taken different people’s ideas and tried to advance them forward. I would not personally identify this as " ripping", rather as employing one person’s script because the basis of someone’s own.

But I am pretty sure the fact that script is your descendant of Transio’s, nonetheless it happened to happen…


you should contact them and manage them…. its hard to code and set up something and simply getting ripped..

Huh Javascript is easy. Unlesss its cross-platform products with XML DOM parsing -or superior text parsing, like correctly parsing full XPath spec or something- ever since can get challenging.

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