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We’ve a site focusedon academic competitions (think of it for educational site together with additional tips/tricks/advice that were made to increase speed plus accuracy).

For various reasons I will be redesigning the website. I am not attempting to make a business model or anything, it truly is just what MY SPOUSE AND I do in my leisure time. A little supplemental income would be wonderful, but that is going to take a backseat to all other aspects from the site.

What facets of educational sites on earth do you like What parts don’t you like What ever change What would you keep In your opinion, what are the most beneficial educational sites What are the worst

Ones questions are to some degree vauge. It’s hard to say what we’d change or keep, because all educational sites are wide and varied. If we could see as well as you’re redesigning, you can easlily answer that issue better.

In terms of educational sites I like, www. harvard. edu features always had a handsome design, and the process under way use.

A site that I’ve found to be too simple is actually www. yale. edu. I at ease with the blue about blue text, as well as homepage looks as well bare. Yale may be a very good university or college, but the home-page doesn’t do these individuals justice IMO.

it truly is curently http: //www. academiccompetition. org, but I was just starting the task of redesigning so I do not have any drafts for you to speak of after all this other than this kind of http: //www. academiccompetition. org/test_update/, but that won’t work because I will be looking to want to do something cleaner and more complete.

The leading navigation bar in your test update site is nice I think you should keep it for easily use in the new design and style, as long since you can work the web site around it.

Apart from that you should use a legible and consistent font during, and make your web blog accessable by including CSS rollovers in your text links.

Ok, I’ve got a different possible design.

http: //www. academiccompetition. org/test_update/test2. php

It absolutely was much simpler, but caused by some advice/critism whatever you intend to call it, it now seems to be nearly identical for the earlier version. No less than the code is definitely cleaner though

The vital thing I would prefer to suggest in the brand new design you are creating is always that, don’t make major horizontal navigation selection. Just get gone this and endeavor to create vertical 1. It will lead you to problem as such a sites very often increase how many links and that period you wont be able to fit them in along at the same line. It is going to come to the 2nd line and that will be ugly.

As an example you can verify these:
http: //www. ucla. edu/
http: //www. mbajungle. com
http: //www. graceschools. org/

Take a look at these sites they need used little colorations but those became bright colors.

At any rate, best of fortune!

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