IE restricting ‘active content’ – give me input please!

You understand how IE includes the popup stopper thing integrated now Well when ever I test away my webpage (its many on my HI-DEF not online) around IE it happens with " To support protect your reliability, Internet Explorer provides restricted this report from showing active content that could access your computer system… "

I think I understand what is causing it- it is just a frames page and I have inserted a code to the BODY tag associated with some pages like this:

< BODY onload=" parent. frames2. location='.. /right. html'; " >

so it will eventually open some content into your right frame when it the principle frame loads.

So what I want to know is, when this page is actually online, will this come about to everyone which uses that variation of IE Can there be a way close to it Or will I have to put a note within the page somewhere revealing to users to push ‘allow blocked content’

This can be so frustrating… I wish WE actually knew what i used to be doing

I didn’t realize where to post this to the forum, so I hope this is fine. Thanks guys!

As soon as your page is going live, IE won’t throw this malfunction. It is is definitely some Setting within Ie’s tools-> choices me thinks..

I just checked, in IE move Tools-> Internet Options, Click the superior tab. Scroll to the security segment. Check the " Allow active content to perform in files about My Computer"

Expect this helps.

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