Dreamweaver wont let me add a jpeg!!

Relating to built a internet site and have the piccys in jpeg format, for some reason while i drag and decrease them into my site Dreamweaver information it cannot look at these files as well as i should utilize a different format. So i have converted them to be able to bitmaps and needed to reduce the quality due to massive size boost.
Im sure internet marketing just doing something stupid precisely as it seems impossible which Dreamweaver wont please let me add a jpeg.
Can anyone advise how we can use jpegs as well as convert my pictures into a format where my spouse and i wont loose level of quality but still have a small file measurement (i dont want much does someone! )

Im very new from this but have acces to Fireworks and flash also, but dont have learned to use them but (all the apparel no idea as well as all that.. ) easily can us these kinds of programs to optimise my piccys.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


Which version of Dreamweaver do you think you’re using… 4 or maybe below, MX, MX2004

You can try inserting them in to your page manualy, switch to code view with all the 3 tabs locacted at the top a pair so inches on the left. As long as both ones. html page and images are saved in to the same folder all that’s necessary type is:

 b< img src=" mypicture. jpg" alt=" account of my pic" /> /b

I’d stay away from. bmp if whatsoever possible, it’s a very poor format compared to many other superior choices.

Have you tried re-booting an individual PC!! It could you need to be that dreamweaver has crashed!

zero it hasnt crashed, as well as i cant put them manually both.
Another ideas

Fine, try IrfanView to modify your fakes and convert these people from / to be able to different formats. Acquire it at http: //www. irfanview. com/

If you saved the photos as jpegs, did you may use the standard " save as" inside PS, or did you need to do " save with regard to web" I did the mistake of doing a regular " preserve as", not realizing that this image was throughout CMYK format rather than RGB, and IE would display it. Dreamweaver would be the same way. Relating to also had other problems where WE couldn’t pinpoint the problem with that image, but when i did " preserve for web" as an alternative to the regular " preserve as", the photos worked perfectly.
(In case you don’t have learned to check for CMYK/RGB, in PS visit Image-> Mode-> )

ahh raspberryh i think maybe you have solved my difficulty, i was granted the images therefore dont know just what format they were being saved as, i am going to try this.



Awesome, let me know very well what happens!

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