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Good day everyone,
i’m seeking advice for a insert record difficulty i’m experiencing.
Relating to a asp file i always have created in DWMX who has two forms at it, the first form incorporates a field that is the heading and exists in one table and the other form has some sort of text field that exists in one more table, also with this form is some sort of submit button. You can find two ‘insert record’ for each form. What I would really prefer to do is actually trigger the insert record for any first form if the user clicks to key in the large text box around the second form but i’m uncertain how to begin this. Am I going using this all wrong, can anyone put me on the right path

Thanks ahead of time,

I’m not excellent with javascript, but I’m guessing that’s the thing you need to use. You might possibly use the onfocus factor to call the function to submit the shape.

< reviews type=" text" name=" textfield1" onfocus=" yoursubmifunction" />

Like MY SPOUSE AND I said, I’m not excellent with javascript, however you get the normal idea.

excellent luck


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