is dreamweaver mx slow only on my mac or…?

this dreamweaver mx i always use at home on my pc great, quick and simple to operate programme.

the dreamweaver mx i always have on this kind of mac G4 at work, is just completely wrong. whatever i perform, it takes a long time to react. like, if i delete a line of text its likely to roll that tiny thinking clock cursor to the next 10 mere seconds. its SO irritating. and it maintains having these remaining pieces of impression… like, if a person scroll, some areas of the page will look as if remain in exactly the same place, althuogh theyre definitely not. if you know why.

is the fact so on everyones mac or is there something generally wrong with this one

any ideas what the problem may be

o . k this processor isn’t the newest, it is only 733 mhz, but i’ve worked on slower and i had no problems. and i’ve 768Mbs ram. and im not running every other applications when dreamweaver will be slow.

aranoid: bleh!

Mmm, probably needs a defrag and scandisk… whatever this is called on some sort of Mac. How many apps do you think you’re running concurrently or how much resources will you be using This could also lead to some sort of slow PC

properly, as i said, i dont run every other programs while dreamweaver is on, and the idea remains being weird…

and i dont learn much about defragmentation in macs…. if its likely at all my spouse and i guess if it was before necessary the technology guy over here might have done it… or maybe he already provides i dunno…..
but see, all additional really massive plans like adobe illustrator cs, indesign or anything else… theyre all operating fine, without virtually any problems. i work within a magazine doing dtp thus we’re handling big files considerably, and it by no means shows any problems or slowness, merely with dreamweaver.: UTES

so i just now was wondering if it was some known mac vs. dreamweaver conspiracy… or if a little something was wrong in dreamweaver settings….

i remember using previous versions involving it, there was a plan in the choices to update tables slower with faster editing, or more quickly with slower touch-ups… which made a major difference in process. but i cant see such options now…
so i had been wondering if it was something like of which, if anyone knew

oh yeah plus the system is 15. 3. 5…… so if imagine anything to any person….

Well, sometimes a fantastic ‘ol uninstall as well as reinstall works…: common:

ahh only when i was authorized….

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