Newbie help with frames in MX!

Heya Everyone!

I’m a bit new to site design but possess taken the tumble and bought Macromedia Facilities MX and Adobe Illustrator CS…

To break me on the design works i’ve downloaded an internet template from zymic. com and loaded it in Dreamweaver MX. On the other hand, it has a regular navigational menu for the left and the main content page i always presume is a frame at the heart, and was wondering how you just change the content inside frame when clicking on the nav. buttons without reloading the complete page.
To paraphrase i only prefer to treat the middle frame as every single new page.

Sorry if this kind of sounds amatuerish but i’m an actual newbie

With thanks Guys!

I wouldn’t need to be using frames anyway to be honest….

Set this " Window" value to the name on the frame you wish to target the link to:

upon (release)
getURL (" link. htm", " framename" );

Wish that helps

With thanks cladode…

Where does someone set the benefit of " window"
Learn how to create a brand-new page that just features that one heart " main content" frame

Also… Just realised of which Dreamweaver says this its actually a new " table" not really a frame, if thats different thing.

Sorry for all you questions but i am just starting out.

With thanks again

Around flash, select this button, and put the basic steps " getURL ". some fields will show up:


Set the url on the page you wish to open in your center frame, and set the " window" benefit to " content"

For the center primary content, use a iframe.

< IFRAME name=content src=initialpage. htm width=400 height=400 frameborder=1 scrolling=auto> 


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