Mail Form Input Type = Fax?

My organization is about revamp an online site for a client which includes a simple mail resolution form and WHEN I also intend hosting coursesmart with a several provider. My client states that he’s previously never gotten the content belonging to the mail form by means of e-mail but the fact that results came to him via fax. I thought this was rather strange but investigating the HTML in the mail form page the following line is visible…..

< input type=" HIDDEN" name=" TO_FAX" value=" 01506871961" >

Obviously one more bit is his / her fax number. I’ve never heard of this facility – so how does it work Will there be some automated process in the current ISP this sends the fax for you to him, or does someone at the ISP simply intercept the actual email form and fax it manually , to my client I am slightly baffled.
Not surprisingly, my client includes asked if they can still have this facility following the revamp and moved coursesmart to my chosen host but I would doubt if they might provide this provider.

Can someone reveal if they’ve discovered this before you need to

That is actually pretty neat. The only idea We have is that it’s some kind of API that another person wrote in Perl or even PHP maybe.

I might contact the internet hosting company and uncover for sure. I’ve never personally noticed this.

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