RSS intergration with IE?

Can be their a wordpress extension for RSS bottles for IE That browsers support RSS Does one think IE will probably support RSS of their next browser

WHEN I use firefox, but if i want to integrate a Rss feed into my site, my IE visitors wont be capable to use the attribute. Which sucks. Hence is their a new plugin for IE

gives thanks!

You never know with MICROSOFT, but if they actually I’d guess also they’d make their unique version of the idea, or give this some flashy label, if at most of.

I believe, I use Bloglines. com for my Rss feed, as does Brak. 100+ websites in my record, and I can certainly access/edit/update them from any web browser, regardless of where I am.

RSS wasn’t really for the purpose of browsers, it’s more of an easy way that Firefox adaptable the technology. Many people using RSS employ aggregators (like bloglines). These are great, and seeing that Wired said : non browser established.

And non-PC established! Having access to it from at any place is great!

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