My Sick New Monitor Setup!!! (Woohoo!)

This new Ergotron keep track of stand just came today. So I green my 3 monitors to it.

This is the resulting workstation setup:

  • Dual Quad-core Xeon
  • 4 Gigs RAM
  • 2 times 300 Gig HD
  • 2 times NVidia video cards
  • 2 times Dell 2208 22" computer monitors 1050 x 1680 (rotated THAT degrees)
  • 1 times Dell 3007 30" monitor 2560 x 1600
    JUST ONE x
  • 1 times Wacom Tablet

I put the Outlook / Word around the left, browser around the right, and Illustrator, Illustrator, Flash, or other image development programs inside the center screen.

SUPPORTIVE this setup!

Every pics:

will you be just trying to generate us all experience bad

Packard Bell PERSONAL COMPUTER (1998)
Your windows program 98 (IE6. 0)
Memorex COMPACT DISC writer (USB)
GE mouse
Sony 20 inch monitor (True Color, 32 bit).

practically nothing matches, nothing can be newer than A FEW years.
but provided that I can get on the internet and use Notepad, I am just fine.

thanks Steven… now go obtain a life!: -D


Not endeavoring to make you experience bad. If it makes you sense better, this is my work set up… at home, I start using a 7-year-old laptop having an AMD brand and 256 MB connected with memory, and teh filter flickers whenever the slicer moves.

LOL… now personally i think better.

Whoa, a Packard Bell That’s my first computer about Ten years ago! AMD 300, and that appeared to be fast!

Steve, you will be a kid at heart aren’t you! I got a full time frame musician for 15 years and employed to get myself " taken out" now after which it and then relax and just look at my machines!

Nice check setup. Why some sort of Xeon though Great setup, bare place of work though!

Exactly where I work a few guys have 5 monitors on the desk, and a single office has… 34 computer monitors Yeah, you understand that right! That is not counting the LCD TVs because room

Rig I built a number of months ago to be able to replace my 5 yr old you:
http: //www. asktheramguy. com/forums/album. phpu=15

Intel Primary i7 920 w/ SOME GB of memory
2x BFG GTX 280 JUST ONE GB (doing BFG improve to 2x285s)
2x 150 GB WD Raptors (RAID 0)
20" WLCD (3 years old).

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