Need help with ideas for a site.

Hi there everyone, I’ve thought to start a website much like www. rent. com, unfortunately I’ve little experience along with website design. I’m a noob along with I probably should spend about EIGHT hours searching tonight and figure every little thing out-I figure you guys might be able to direct me better.

My mate is helping my home build this website and he has a pretty excellent grasp with composing code. I’m going to get to learn because I go along which is the reason I’m asking you guys for guide.

My first question is learn how to get a expert website layout just like rent. com using the ability to make use of search features in addition to drop downs like they certainly. I know that will someone probably created the complete website with not any help from just about any software but I’m simply not at this amount. Is there any software platforms that may let me professionally produce a website more without difficulty than just writing an entire damn thing average joe.

The site will have about 500 apartment listings and should be easy to locate by criteria. Furthermore, It would be great to have a template for every listing so I can just fill from the different info for each different place. The info in the template is going to be organized and easily searchable through drop downs for example price range with 400-500 or JUST ONE bdrm, 2bdrm, or anything else..

I don’t prefer to ramble too additional. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I know this should take me oftentimes 100’s of hours to perfect so I strive to be efficient.
Thanks a lot,

Update: I can’t even produce a link work lol…

They probably spent tons to program in which site.

You should do something kind of similar, on the much smaller machine using
such as Joomla or Drupal. The point is, the script would require
loads of customization and time to perform.

WE guess the evident question is, why With 1000 some other rental sites on the internet,
why would the one you have be better Summarize your thinking for this, and how you
will expect to get back your investment.

Well, although could possibly be 1000’s of different rental sites, not a large amount of offer the ability to locate online and not having to interact with a real real estate agent/broker. I live in 4th largest city in the US- I only see another company that really does this in my personal area. Their site doesn’t seem very good provided.

Not only am I targeting a better functioning/aesthetic site but I will also offer alternative incentives to tempt prospects. For case; maybe I’ll give half heli-copter flight first months book in leases a few year, a free System, free moving on the new location, or anything else. I will formulate more stuff yet that’s just over top of my personal head.

The following thing I have is marketing. My step-father is highly involved with the university as well as the university is prepared to give out my information for students looking for housing. They don’t have anyone until now and they need to tell people to take a look a person ” up ” yourself.

A condo locator gets paid because of the apartment complex. If it is a one year lease they get money one months purchase cost. So if lease is $500 monthly you get $500 to get referring that customer to the apartment. You need to be a licensed agent under a licensed broker.

So basically a computer owner of my site is certain to get roughly half from the first months rent back being an added incentive to work with the site. For my prolonged hours of labor making the website and being an authentic estate broker I will get half with the money the flat complex pays available. Another hard part is literally collecting the funds.

I really hope that explains precisely why I’ll be starting this site. Do you think it could be more realistic to have someone make as well as nearly compete to where I can update and create properties myself quickly. I don’t genuinely have a budget but I wish to accomplish this the least expensive, most professional, most knowledge gaining way I could.

With thanks

You’ve got advisable and a prepare… that’s a beneficial thing.

Your project is really a big one, so I accomplish recommend getting as often done
in advance. So perhaps Drupal would be a good match available for you.
You have the problem of a low budget, but anything you are doing to hire
a freelance programmer will cost some cash.

A person’s project also calls for handling money… which may involve
bank card merchants (and that’s not free either).

If you had some kind of business set-up as well as a business plan, you may be
capable of swing a loan from the SBA (small internet business administration). Enough to
bring you started and pay for the programmer.

I think it’s too big of an project for us all to discuss here for this forum.
Browse around on the " employ a programmer" part of WDF and see when you can find a
programmer that you may work with.

Thanks for your advice. I have a very URL and your pretty crappy internet site already. When I mentioned I didn’t have a very budget I meant that i could spend as often money as was required to get the web-site running. I’ll go check additional section of the website and maybe pm some people.

Expect $1000+ to get a site like the main one you want.

Give the programmer the entire list of web site requirements,
as this would allow him/her to view the proper base script to use.

Get professional graphics as well.

If inside U. S., seek out SBA loans…. it might be a good way to start (financially).

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