Need help with Site Name

Hello there,

I’m seeking help in selecting a name for our company. We deal win this particular areas:

Website Design
Website Hosting
Community Installations
Machines Maintenance

But cannot think of a name correctly, at the moment prohibited trading as Non-reflex IT Solution, as we only sorted out the voluntary industry but as we’ve found expanded to various other areas, E. G Home and buisness the name is not anymore relevant.

Ideas i have got:

Website Illusions
Static Solutions

I hope that someone should be able to help me as i would really like to start the chnages quickly, in order to get rebranding down and finishing using the site rebuild.

MY PARTNER AND I tried, I genuinely did. It’s just so difficult to locate a good name that is certainly not taken nowadays. I was lucky last week in purchasing notionwebdesign. com

The only think I came across for you is webnetmaintenance. com. It’s not the best brand, definitely not this worst, but I do not know if it fits your online business at all.


Hey Eddy Bones, thanks for looking and endeavoring to help me released, i’ll add of which name to our list although most effective for you a. co. uk name that we have, But that’s easy to adjust.


Please there has to be anyone else on the market that can assistance me, Don’t think the names we’ve are suitable i want to determine what people consider.

Remember to help me.

Mid-section something like all these:

VABITS — Non-reflex and Business THE ITEM Solutions


VAPITS — Non-reflex and Professional THE ITEM Solutions

Both of are available as. com domain artists!

VPITS is usually available.

Have you thought to go for this. com (or can’t you books are in your UK)


With Bloomington eh

I got also lucky in looking for simple name that nobody had identified yet.
This daughter named Caitlin… MY PARTNER AND I tease her, contacting her " catpin"…
well, I discovered it absolutely was not yet taken (I have no idea of why)…
Thus I registered this domain " catpin. com".

Utmost, in Cottage Grove, MN

Lol, you possibly can still get. com’s if you’re in great britain you know! You will not be in the us. All ". com" symbolizes is " professional business", generally worldwide. ". co. uk" symbolizes " UK Financial Business". Basically,. com is not only for Americans!

Well, I realize of which…

I got just wondering whenever he specifically needed ". co. uk" regarding some
rationale. I see many U. K. organisations doing that.

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