no frames = redoing menus on multiple pages?

Soon after abandoning frames regarding CSS positioning, I discover that if I really need to change the list, I have to go to every page and do the identical change. Is there any way to avoid this

Employ PHP Includes.

That means you need to either make all pages possess a. php extension…
great if they by now do. If hi-def, and you are unable to make the extensions
. php, feel free to use. htaccess to procedure your. html as well as. htm files since PHP.

You could have one file (PHP script) identified as " menu. php".
The particular one script is employed, (included) on all your pages.

With every page, you could have:
< php include(" menu. php" )> where you wish the menu to be.

Just about any change you generate to " menu. php" will seem on all pages.
You may as well use PHP scripting in just " menu. php" for you to alter the palate items
and characteristics based on which page can be being viewed.

As you’re didn’t post this from the PHP section, I’m uncertain what your PHP practical knowledge is.

That would be none –

I guess the subsequent question should effectively be posted from the PHP section nonetheless since this line already exists…

Just how do i enable PHP at my XP workstatiuon when I do my design

Gives thanks,

I personally work with Expression for coding : this creates some sort of master file where We can put the stuff that does not change from web page to page (masthead, routing, footer etc) and each and every time I change the master file this changes ripple by way of ALL pages – for large websites this really is really useful.

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