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MY PARTNER AND I dont suppose any of you guys have learned to include your sites design about the phpbb forum, as with your sites side margins and banner considering the menus included surrounding the sides of your forum.

Relating to seen people repeat this quite often without having to really though about performing it myself untill currently.

Many thanks,

I’m less than sure whether I’m sure you right, but this may be something for yourself: http: //www. phpbb. com/kb/article. phparticle_id=18

IIRC, the HTML is recorded in. tpl files from the templates –> subsilver folder.

You will need to edit the following two files:

< COMMUNITY FORUMS DIR> /templates/subSilver/simple_header. tpl
< COMMUNITY FORUMS DIR> /templates/subSilver/simple_footer. tpl

Intended for basic envelop kind modification. For further customization, you’ll really need to edit other records.

The files it is advisable to edit are:

/templates/subSilver/overall_header. tpl as well as /templates/subSilver/overall_footer. tpl

Similar to I did just for this forum – world wide web. lobsterweb. com/index. php and for this forum considering the sidebar included internet. lobsterweb. com/forum/

Of the best ways would be that will put the whole site into a table cell within a new table that you will create. Then you are able to choose where to position the cell containing as well as content and can easily modify the surrounding cells as you want.

Alternatively you can use CSS positioning and that is what I did for that two forums associated above.

effectively… actually. tpl files are exactly like normal HTML record just place there your html limitations…

but we cognizant of. php codes

FINE thanks guys, I may investigate doing it on one among my forums rapidly.

Zero promises though.

Many thanks,

Without doubt Daniel. I have got a quick question for you personally. I am fairly new at this specific whole phpBB template design, so I was wondering if you can help me out… or anyone else within the forum who might manage to offer some aid. I am trying to design my private template but I dont know where to start with. I am superior with Photoshop, but how much of this actually requires with it

There are little images used on phpBB forum. The first thing you need to do is change the CSS archive. You can either repeat this from the admin control panel or even manually offline in addition to upload it. This will alter the basic appear and feel of the web-site. ( Colours, edges etc)
I haven’t executed much else by using phpBB forums therefore I haven’t heavily edited the planning of them. Just adding MODs along with bits and bobs that way really.

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