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Hi there pal,

Your website is pretty cool… I want to create a web site on considered one of my home pc’s just so friends and relatives can certainly access it, something very simple simply to show pics’n stuff I used to be wondering in case you have any suggetions concerning where I must start…

With thanks

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Not wise to set up an online page on the house PC.

Your PC would need to be ON continually, and your IP tackle would
should be fixed. Most ISP’s apply dynamic IP dealing with… each time you make a connection, the IP handle changes. You would need to run web host software with good fire-wall protection. It’s just not worthwhile.

Find a hosting company online that you may set up a tally and " rent" a website with your own website. You can find some without the banner ads for $5 to $10 each month… and that includes your domain name.

I don’t prefer to spam business names, but here’s a few:
http: //www. netfirms. com
http: //www. ipowerweb. com

Upon having a spot, you will have to create web internet pages. Find tutorials on-line by searching online. It’s really straightforward, and it’s entertaining!

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