Question building online bulletin board??

My organization is a new member here a pal told me using this place to get some good help. Not 100% sure if this is the right area to help post but here’s the question preferably someone around these will know what you need. I am now a basic programer when it comes to web desgin. This company I work with regard to has given me this task to generate a site with almost for a jobs wanted sections, like what people guys have the following. A place where by people can post there information after which people can get there services. I thought what on earth is already being used in combination with a message board a great idea. I was questioning if people knew almost every other programs or computer code, preferably free to be able to maybe allow individuals to post there information like that people can get embark on to a site and accesss the info, something simple. If anyone possesses any ideas Let me take it. Bless you.

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