Quote form

I desire to make a simple quotation form, basic information… how can i find something to help like this

Is it possible provide us much more information

  • What exactly are you calculating
  • It is possible to logic behind the particular calculation
  • What fields should the shape have
  • A lot more…

I just need a kind for basic info, name address, simple text input that every time they submit it gets emailed in my opinion.

Do you find out Hpertexxt Markup Langugae (HTML) We could offer you the appropriate Html code but if you don’t have any expertise with it you will not know the way it works.

Direction, google is your friend

I am familiar with CODE, i’ve just never made a form like this… I’ve searched on the internet and i found some stuff nevertheless it was programs you had to fund, i doubt its necessary…

I followed the search link in addition to i found a free site to come up with a form… is it standard which you can’t have spaces for the field name If there is any other way that could have the field names with spots

this will be crazy, i cannot get a decent site that you won’t need to pay for… what actually am i venturing into This form is going to be on my site, what service is niagra

If you tell me what fields you want to have I may establish the HTML for the form.

Concern though, do you need the entered values for being e-mailed to you If that’s the case, does your hosting company support any equipment side languages


It involves two stuff.
1) that HTML form alone.
2) a server-side script to email the shape variables (information).

Also, adding a captcha for you to thwart spammers may be beneficial.

Your own webhost must assistance PHP sendmail() or even Perl sendmail (CGI Scripting).

Who is your webhost
In the event it’s Godaddy, you might need to use their particular script.

You require a script that resides for the server. That’s about to be over top of your head. (mine too! ) So until I study php (I’m obtaining there), I use Jot Form which is super easy. You get quite a few free submissions per 30 days, after that you will get unlimited submissions intended for only $9 monthly. You can change them and do whatever you wish with them. We have these form on the majority of my sites not have a dilemma.

Remote form processing services is a good alternative to making your
private PHP scripts. But despite the fact that form data emailed back from your own
webhost is actually not secure, utilizing a remote form processor is even more

Be cautious about handling just about any " sensitive" details.
Keep with the basics… name, address, phone

Which has a remote form program, you’re relying with their server " up time",
in addition to their " ethics"… that they process your form without doing anything
else towards data (maintaining some privacy).

They could technically grab many email addresses that move across and sell them
to other companies. Not that they would, but yes and no.

Yes I should have mentioned putting receptive info in them. Relying on their particular up time can be a factor. But this is usually an alternative until one particular figures out developing these themselves.

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