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Concerning been browsing around trying to see surveys about precisely what screen resolution is the most used. But most of the surveys are often 2003 or 2004.

What resolution would you think I should make a website, 800 simply by 600 or 1024 by means of 768

1024 times 768. It will be most common resolution. I think all over 25% of users browse in 900 x 600 as well as about 65% employ 1024 x 768. Nevertheless, it would possibly be best to target good usability through all resolutions, even approximately 1280 x 1024!

It really is determined by what the site is perfect for also. I’m sure you can find threads around the forum relating to this topic that one could search for, thus I won’t fancy.

It’s tempting to be able to drop 800 x 600 but I wouldn’t get it done quite yet as world wide there are however a fair lots of people still utilizing it.

I reckon after some duration should see it all but gone yet by then we might need to placed more consideration directly into portable devices than we do at this point.

You really can design for many resolutions. Instead with using " hard" measurements, use resolution-based measurements. For example, avoid using pixels to define widths, but apply percentages or (even improved IMHO) EM’s. Arranged font sizes inside EM’s. My website looks fine every one screen resolutions I’ve truly tested in.

Nevertheless to answer your question: 1024×767 is by far the most common one, but 800×600 holds. The higher promises are starting showing up more and more these days too.

1024 times 767 Lol, I’m sure someone made a new typo…

What exactly is a pixel in between friends

Goodness me, true. But, nevertheless, I think we are kinda venturing off-topic

1152X864 is what exactly im starting to work with i really dont recognize why, but for a website i need to agree with eKstreme. use percentages besides hard measurements. but inside the next 2 years i’m sure 800X600 will disappear completely. games are today coming out when using the standard of 1024X768 (ex.: planet of warcraft)

Hmm… Sod, 1152 x 864 just isn’t that bad! It truly is slightly stretched vertically though. I don’t think it’s just a very widly applied resolution at the actual moment though.

I think since time goes on you will see more and additional designers dropping 300 x 600 so it gives them additional flexibility with what they are able to do regarding design and content material.

You could always aquire a liquid layout, but this really is tricky. What may look nice in lesser resolutions could seem pretty ugly in bigger res because there exists just tons of white space in which nine times outside ten, isn’t employed effectively.

I would point out a liquid layout is much better for websites with a lot of content. Like an online magazine or document site. But I am just going off with tangents here.

Next time i design a web-site I always consider 800 x 600. Usually I create my websites 780px wide which means you don’t get which horizontal scroll bar inside the browser window. In time I guess maybe we could afford to shift 800 x 600 but presently I thnk you can be leaving out a fair quantity of your visitors should you choose and I gather you wish as many people as you can to view your blog.

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