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Definitely everyone, I need some help the design of an online site. I’m attempting to create the site as accessible as you possibly can by using just about all relative sizes (as in opposition to absolute sizes) and have encountered a dilemma. I’m using Dreamweaver MX 2004 which has a table and when i insert images i always have made to the table, the table expands to fulfill the images’ original sizes instead of scaling the image to suit the page. That images stay assessed in absolute rank, and when I go and aim to change their widths in order to percentages, the website gets messed ” up “. Does anyone get any advice

the point of an fluid layout isn’t not to lose the proportions. That’s among it’s major weak points. If you desire control, use preset. If you really don’t mind that text shall be too long in order to read comfortably, and there will be different proportions intended for different screen measurements, use fluid. Here’s a fascinating article on the problem: http: //www. 456bereastreet. com/archive/200504/fixed_or_fluid_width_elastic/

So far as I know, there is no way to make image sizes family member. A typical fluid layout won’t try to preserve its original per cent but adapt the actual positions of it has the elements. see here for those properly implemented h2o layouts: http: //www. stuffandnonsense. company. uk/archives/fixed_or_fluid_you_decide. html.

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