Screwing Around #3

it persists….

simple, elegent, very simple

veiw fastened image.

Truthfully… I think it’s brilliant!! Seriously.. its a wonderful example of congratulations minimalst design. Providing your content won’t suffer by being cramped in this small space I think it is a fantastic portfolio web-site.. Especially if it truely reflects ones design style. It is suprising how sometimes a nicely designed minimilst system can speak more louder about you than most of the most elaborate patterns.

It would be nice if you used some form of proper bullets points such the normal circle/disc type or create your to add a far more stylistic touch.

The alternating white/grey border looks slightly strange, and the typography of the main heading slightly sterlie and dreary. See where you are able to take this design

what relating to this

Personally, I’d add a few more pixels regarding space between a person’s list items, although other then which, it’s slick.; -)

identical theme, different notion.

I prefered the prior pocket-sized design, there’re a few alignment issues which bug me some why don’t you consider this version.

What’s the goal of the blue bar running over the top.

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