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The way a heading picture should mimic for a pottery website I just now started this web page and I are not aware of what to fit there Somebody support….

I would estimate a picture of your pottery wheel/worker making on of the products or something similar or even some mixed images of the products. Try to indicate off what is better about the corporation.

Thank you completely for your notion. How can I let that happen What software does someone need

on the internet is a photographic camera.
or if you would like edit it then you have got to get a editing program

I curently have a digital camera but I got thinking to set some effects to make a more desirable image. What editing software a few pointer use

thought about dont know any kind of.
try searching on the internet or download. com
theres bound to be some very good ones.

type affects area you discussing here

I have no idea of because I feel not that very good. If I was I didn’t should ask you about this. Do you have something as the primary goal

If you might be editing images, the most effective software out right now there, in my opinion, (and I imagine misterphotoshop would agree) is definitely Adobe PhotoShop. CS (creative suite) will be the newest edition, but any point over 6 may serve your function.

As well, when you’re service plan images, think outside the house the box. Not only do you need pottery, of course, what about some kids at the pottery wheel or maybe a mosaic or a firey-hot kiln or maybe a happy family going out on the porch

Will not limit yourself to help things showing " pottery"

Okay. So Photoshop is seen as a good choice. Listed. thanks.

CS would not vary that a lot from 7. 0!!! I’d personally not say which you absolutely, positively have to go and spend 500+ for the CS version, when you will get an almost since good one to get about 250 — 300! Just declaring. I got CS from your " different source" although we shan’t explore that on here

In essence, Photoshop is waaaaaaaaaay the most effective editing program. Then Illustrator for making logos, and conceivably Fireworks MX (Macromedia) or perhaps Freehand maybe (never actually used it).

Nicely, good luck, and also Photoshop will work you well. You could probably make a really decent site together with like Dreamweaver in addition to Photoshop, but clearly, other programs help!

Thank you for your ideas… I attempt to put these people in practice. A happy familt is a superb choice I think.

Deat will7,
I said in ore a younger post that

Hence, what’s all the actual fuss about, I realize you! If in conversation with afford the latest one, why obtain it when older variants are fine. Plus, for anyone that’s EVER used Illustrator, there is PLENTY to learn. You do not need to know everything there is to know, but it may be daunting at first and many people get carried away.

Okay, and on to help new stuff…

For a second time, I agree.

Adobe Photoshop (for bitmaps) and Illustrator (for vectors) would be the norm. That’s why little or no one uses the Macromedia conterparts regarding Fireworks (bitmap) and Freehand (vector). But on the flip side, for site improvement, the norm is usually Macromedia Dreamweaver, Get real who uses GoLive Adobe doesn’t even have got a suitable counterpart in order to Flash!

In essence, since you’re " starting up out" when it reaches graphic and style and design, your big bands are Adobe and Macromedia. You is going to become familiar having both. But, with this thread you enquired about imaging as well as image editing, for web. I still stick to Photoshop.

However, I will indicate that if you work with Flash for a animation, it’s probably better to work in Illustrator as well as import an. eps in your Flash movie. Vector artwork for vector packages, it makes perception, right. But for real, this is seen as a whole new line! IuliaT, write me if you are confused or want particulars in a brand-new thread.

Avoid, you are perfect. I am just " starting out" and I really don’t learn how to use photoshop to set-up a banner with regard to my future online store. What should I do using the picture of a family The theme is pottery I am aware but you ought to to modify it to ensure that it should mimic a good name banner Thanks.

You’ll want at least a few pictures, so minimum: one of pottery, certainly one of family, though it’d in all probability be better to complete a few in excess of just two images. Put them upon different layers. Include masks, and play with brush/erase for the mask so it seems as if some things overlap differntly. Play considering the size/mode/opacity/fill in the specifications palette of a person’s brush. You can find things everywhere we look. Here’s the DC Federal page. Their header incorporates lots of different photos and also blends them straight into make a university. And really there are tons of other examples on the market.

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