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I have been previously toying with the idea of selling text hyperlinks on my web site. The idea usually someone pays one to link to their website for any set period (usually some sort of month). I’ve found quite a few websites where We can " auction" the links, so marketing the spaces shouldn’t be too much of the problem.

Even so, I want to determine what the thoughts about this are in basic. On some sites, there are doomsday-type safety measures that Google can block () the actual pages’ PR status. Any comments about this is appreciated — specially since I never have seen anything about it on WDF.

Kind regards!

The whole concept of " selling" buttons is nothing brand new. It’s the just like any banner advertising or Google AdSense url or anything of this nature.

I’m unclear what warnings you will be " seeing", but as your spider-based search engine it could be somewhat difficult for Google to penalize a web site for selling reported links unless it was done in a " link-farm-style" scenario where sites put up for sale their links at a links page and go following that. Mind you, the whole concept of marketing off a link using a website is not really something I’ve ever endured full reason for you to investigate so I truly don’t know undoubtably.

Google does not penalize for being caused by, or linking to 1 site. It’s in case you have 1k or so in a very page that elements get suspicious. I wouldn’t worry from the least.


Thanks greatly for your replies. It seems as a reasonable idea in my experience to bring in some revenue.

Guess now I must code the backend… that should be fun.

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