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I have a client who My business is doing some work for at the moment. We have as well as all launched and established but attractive sites target audience could be spanish and french in addition to english.

I need something to translate the pages of the site. Something a little like google’s translator but better if at all possible and one that you could actually add onto your internet site.

The particular google and altavista versions are examples. I was hoping various other people on the board may be able to help


Unfortunaly I have not found any easy way to avoid it of this. Online translators are sufficient for getting the ‘gist’ of what on earth is ment in another language, But for full comprehension all of them fall very limited. There are lots of things you will need to consider such seeing that sentence structure, literial tranlation, spelling errors, similar words and phrases, etc..

You really cannot beat the neural for this career. In my experiances it’s just best for getting somebody reputiable in order to tranlate your copy. And get many people fluent in that language evaluate the copy, because you do not know without different people’s input when it still conveys identical message as that the orgional do. Its hard enough that can put ‘marketing spin’ in a single language that ive known my life and never have to convey the similar message in a different language to another culture i always have very minor fimilarity with.

With I’d more useful tips.

That is approach b if we cannot get a good enough translating tool.

If you used to be wanting a german born translator, then I really could help!

But because you aren’t, I can’t visualize anything to would suggest really, other in comparison with www. freetranslator. com, which gives the paid service for being translated by human’s, even though it is an U . s citizens site and to some degree expensive.

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