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Very well, i’m in the procedure of redesigning hofflenosh. f2g. web (i know the idea looks quite beneficial already, but when im finished keeping this, it’ll look a lot better). Anyway, I was looking for some the world stock photos, plus I’ve found these individuals at free photos. (http: //www. freeimages. co. uk space/planets> earth)

Theres a little bit of blurb at the underside about the crediting belonging to the images, I dont specifically understand it 100%, can somebody fit it into some jargon i can actually understand

" This fascinating gallery is a selection of a few of the best images via NASA National Breathing space Science Data Heart. All the photographs are public website, however you have got to acknowledge NASA as well as the NSSDC as the supplier with the data. In inclusion, where the way to obtain the image (by project or like a specific person) can be credited, you should also acknowledge that, too… see the Nationwide Space Science Records Center website to get full details and many more images. (confirm these details before with the images)
Furthermore, NASA further necessitates that NASA images is not used to suggest endorsement by NASA…. Consequently " This site seriously isn’t endorsed by NASA"

These are PD Images, Quality, Quality and Document type varies.
IN. B. This PD gallery seriously isn’t covered by our normal finer points. "

Bless you.


Basically it says you have to credit NASA as well as the NSSDC for the actual images. And you cannot use the image to say your site is definitely endored by NASA. So on your site simply put. These images were supplied by NASA, NSSDC, This great site is not endoresed by NASA or that NSSDC.


People credits, do I can put them on the page I make use of the image (every sole last page) or should i put it on the credit page


Aslong just like you credit them i dont understand why you cant put them for a credits page.


Similar to Jamie said, that will back it in place I suppose, you may just put that one a credits page.

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