Using home or main for index page

Can it be me, or is the use of " Home or Main" to consider your index. htm page a little bit late 90’s model. I’m in the process of doing a website redesign and it just occurred if you ask me! I would like to hear anyone’s single dads this.

And what will be the modern style If you say something is actually old style, it is advisable to know the fresh style that changed it

I’m definitely not sure, maybe it’s my imagination that’s why I put the post to acquire others thoughts.

Can you mean the text of your link that extends back to the directory I still use frequent " Home"

Yeah that’s the reason… really there aren’t too many options, and every person understands what " home" will be.

I assume the four possibles are usually home, default, listing and main
Relating to only ever employed index, and are unsure if defauly in addition to main still good.

I typically use ‘main’. You also have ‘indexx’ or ‘index2’.

Relating to seen " root" getting used on a several sites. That is apparently the new " cool" matter.

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