Struggling for ideas on design

We would just like to learn what some of you choose to do to get creative and think of ideas for web site designs I struggle on this a lot, I’m more of the left brain programmer variety, but would really like to get into design.

I like to see photography, and see how I can take a picture and change it into a banner for any site, and then let the form take off after that. A lot of people prefer to visit Template Enormous to view several different designs and gain inspiration from there.

I’ve realised not to ever under-estimate Mind Roadmaps… one thought ends up in another.

" Finaly there’s nothing new, almost everything we create is done before only in a very different way. " – Don’t always expect to set-up a revolutionaty layout concept etc.

ie, All layouts are composed of grids consisting of columns and rows, it just depends the way you structure, define plus shape them.

Go look into it your 5 most liked websites (in stipulations of design) exactly what makes them very good and why, then impliment some of the people ideas in your personal work.

Nevertheless, just a start out.

I like to begin with the layout layout, then include colors and pictures. I did get ideas years ago for my to start with website from Structure Monster(very good site).

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