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I became wondering when was the world wide web introduced to people Since I’m just 15, I never remember when that actually happened. As well, what was the best website, and who claimed to generate the internet, whether it be an organization or an individual Thanks for the feedback!

Al Gore somehow claims he invented the net but I don’t see how in which works.

Tim Berners Lee acquired a lot related to it.

See http: //www. moment. com/time/time100/scientist/profile/bernerslee. html


The ‘internet’ began within the 1970s didn’t the idea

The infrastructure that became the net was earlier than that… the HTML PAGE concept came much much later.

Found an affiliate site here… rather dry/academic but has a lot of the salient points!

http: //www. isoc. org/internet/history/brief. shtml


somewhat off topic, but not really. There’s a site that enables you to look back within time- like an internet time machine.

look it over.


Indeed, archive. org is totally mindblowing!

Such thinggs as September 11th… it has an awesome catalogue now there of news reports in the day… might seem using some ways grotesque, but it is " dwelling history"…

… and visit sites which have been now huge as they quite simply were in 1996…



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