Subject : Online Document Reader Design (doc, pdf, ppt, xls etc)

Hi all,
My target would be to develop and online site (intra-net / LAN) with regard to our department instructions and standard managing procedures. One way is to simply make directories within web’s underlying and link up the many files to pages BUT that will make the end user able to download the words
My second goal would be to secure this information also. i. e. No one could download this information recommended to their system. Only Read-Only.
Can you suggest a rapid, simple solution

That " read-only" matter is tough, because every file is delivered to a browser,
it’s to the person’s PC, whether you wish it or certainly not. So, technically, they’ve
already done more than " read-only". Not all people would be therefore tech
savvy that they could do something with the file, but nonetheless, it’s there.

If the files all been PDF files, you can use PHP to function the
file to be a PDF content-type, so they would not have the ability to determine the
source of the file, but they could still copy this, giving it their very own filename.

You should not worry about any individual erasing or overwriting your files, because they
wouldn’t normally know where they originated in. Only you could know the service.
But you would have and therefore use PHP scripting. If the server is exclusively ASP,
then you would have to program using which.

Since you’re dealing with an " intranet / LAN" departmental system, you
could assume which the security issues would be a moot point. Anyone
working in the company, internally, to the intranet, is a good employee, and
most probably, already logged in to the system

Are you ready for file type(s) you will end up providing.

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