The pics arn’t showing up on my site…

My business is vreating a site on Johnny Mac an existing time country singer from your 60’s. I have made the site and set it out as i need it but once the site loads up on the web, all the shots are crossed away. I have uploaded averything which is all good but i dont know what’s going on.
Here’s the site: http: //people. smartchat. net sale. au/rkavanagh/home. html

Look it over, thanks, Scottykav-

I have just realised the pics urls declare not found because in the url address the idea doesnt contain /rkavanagh. so that is y it’s not necessarily found but post still dont know how to fix that. could someon help me
Gives thanks

Please post your code

I believe if you ever loose the forward slash within the code for all the pics they need to appear.

'/Navagationbuttons/home2. gif'

should be

'Navagationbuttons/home2. gif'

OR you could include the underlying:

http: //people. smartchat. net sale. au/rkavanagh

and end up with:

'http: //people. smartchat. net sale. au/rkavanagh/Navagationbuttons/home2. gif'

Ok thanks to the but just how do i loose the ahead slash

Pick how to computer code html Or thinking of relying on software to create the site Just change your code in notepad as well as FTP it on the server.

BTW, your website is too weighty with graphics, tons slow. You must evaluate cutting the measurement down and employing less graphics. If someone would not display graphics or even has special access needs coursesmart will be typically blank. You need alt as well as title tags at least. Also the delay added with the image swap is too much time, makes it look slow.

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