vBulletin dollars (turtle dollars)?


I’m trying to implement a procedure similiar to turtle bucks into version v3. 0. A FEW. As of at this point, all I can definitely find is the actual turtle dollars system filburt planned for these forums, but it’s for an older version of vBulletin.

Nearly anything similiar, or conceivably an updated model of filburt’s system that I’m merely not finding

Gives thanks.

The publicly available version of the TD system may be for vB2. I have produced a vB3 version however it is only pertaining to private use as well as for sale, not totally free. It’s worth noting, though, that WDF v5 are going to be foregoing the TD method and using vB’s history system instead.

From what I’m sure, it’s not excessive of a undertaking to mod vB’s repetition system and apply other features directly into it. Correct

As well, just in situation we don’t have that road is there a pricing on vB3 turtle money system


It’s fairly simple. I don’t publicly price the TD system.

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