(Newbie) What Application To Build a New Website

Hello there all. New person and new web-designer the following. I have been recruited to build a website to get a friend, and Concerning no applications that take care of web design or even building. (I once built a web site for myself instruction online 2000 using Adobe GoLive, but never have used it since and frankly remember little or no about what journeyed into it. )

The site i am to build will probably be very subdued and also contain many pictures using the possibility of easy animation. Nothing very complicated. I will not foresee any uploads or perhaps shopping carts and so forth.

So what app can i use Is the item Flash GoLive Dreamweaver Certainly if someone might point me closer to a guide or something that can explain the pluses and minuses in each for just a beginner. I start using a Mac (always have)

I’m unsure what other info someone would wish ton help solution the question, (I’m a new remember) but I’ll be happy to provide any advice requested.

Thanks for almost any help1

Well, if you are attempting to use an editor (such as GoLive) and then most would suggest Dreamweaver.

This provides you with the drag and drop features one would expect, and an opportunity to code the item yourself, using XHTML/HTML.

You’d not use flash unless you were wanting cartoon effects, in which case you could utilize a free substitute called Swish!

(Swish features an " foreign trade to. swf" feature)

It depends, if you intend to quickly snap upwards a design then select Dreamweaver. There is usually a 30 day free trial I think.

Thanks. I’ll check into those.

Thus, is Flash generally used along with Dreamweaver And do you have advantages to deploying it over something that is definitely free like Swish

Well, Dreamweaver is best with Flash yes.

Advantages wise, Flash is a lot more powerful, you possibly can create games having Flash.

Commonly Swish! is utilized for text/image animation/manipulation.

Flash is a lot more heard involving so seeking help would ensure that you get better results due to it’s popularity.

Ok. I use Adobe Illustrator, Illustrator and InDesign solely. Would you happen to be aware of if there are any advantages around compatibility between these three and GoLive (which MY PARTNER AND I don’t own yet) compared with using those in addition to Dreamweaver Or is definitely GoLive just no longer a player

I think that is my last question for now. Thanks again for all the help.

Most people use Adobe pertaining to our bitmap and restotration, and pertaining to Web Development utilize Macromedia Suite MX 2004-05.

But since you’re beginning, get a very good grasp of code and javascripting. Then when you finally can develop effeciently by code, working with Macromedia or Adobe will be more effective.


Can anyone recommend a superb book (or DVD or something) that would help me have a good grasp associated with html and java

This can be an old standby: http: //www. HTMLgoodies. com
this is the great site for starters. Best of fortune.

I do not know anybody who functions GoLive.

Illustrator may be used in conjunction having Flash, but for anyone who is making graphics to get web, your best bet is to use Photoshop a/o ImageReady.

Flash is a lot to learn, the amount time do an individual have

CSS would also be extremely helpful.

You will find definitely threads akin to this one in case you search WDF.

I’d go with frontpage. I have utilized it my self and when you’re new to webdesign the process under way get going with and many hosts even possess frontpage extension, wich mean that one could easily upload a person’s webpage directly coming from frontpage.

Whoa, uh-uh. For anyone who is just getting began, better to just learn HTML. The HTML FrontPage generates is notorious for the nastiness. Learning HTML may be a relatively painless and simple experience, and you can be with cleaner and better-maintainable code. If you want to design WYSIWYG (What You observe Is What Anyone Get), there are better choices on the market, Macromedia Dreamweaver being my thought of the best (at smallest for Windows). Nevertheless, Dreamweaver is very pricy.

As well as, I really imagine learning HTML is usually a better idea. Not too difficult, and very beneficial.

I do agree with the above, I started learning to style web pages with frontpage, but now I never apply it any more. That; s better to educate yourself HTML, only then would you start understanding what you are really doing… of course, if you merely use frontpage and need ideas of HTML, you won’t even use a clue how to start looking for errors inside code when they will start appearing… along with believe me, they may.. lol.

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