We would like to stream a video including things like 45 to 60 minutes. what is the best format, presented the audience provides broadband connection. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Really… I think that is definitely impossible, as the load time would be like 15-20 moments, even compressed. I dont think its wise to even look at. Why not ensure it is a download

And it will also be wise to seperate the item into different pieces.. Like:
Easy methods to, This subject, Yet another subject.. so it really is smaller download measurements..

Ok, lets say WE chopped it down to 20 minutes, are usually best format, I am wondering are usually difference between mpeg1-2 as well as mpeg3-4. What are a lot of the tools that tend to be standard and user-friendly and uncomplicated. Anything else that may be of importance resolving this problem. Thanks.


you cant really stream anything longer over a couple minutes. Trust us. Just cause it to downloadable, or minimize it into numerous chapters/sections.

Streaming would only require a matter of seconds of buffering occasion.

I might suggest Windows Press Player. QuickTime isn’t favorite for streaming and Real is probably a POS of which fewer people have lately, thankfully.

I agree any one who is jogging windows has glass windows media player. I might also suggest for you to try and break up it up in to smaller sections absolutely.

Splitting into sections is undoubtedly a good idea, both for buffering period, user ease, and sanity

With thanks Guys, Advise used. BD9

I wouldn’t utilize Windows Media Player the way it is WINDOWS Press Player, therefore absolutely no mac or linux capabilily. I don’t understand people who make use of linux and nothing else, but if someone is prepared to save up money for a mac, he should be rewarded, not gloomy aand hungry.

In any case, I say quicktime. Not surprisingly, you can continually use multiple (windows along with quicktime. ).

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