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I’m new to that game and not sure of what your costs or hours involved will be in web design and graphics and lisenced users. I’m lookng at creating something like http: //www. ratemyteachers. com/index. jsp. Any one capable of tell me what would be a reasonable price licence plate Cheers Jack. you can contact me at mcghugbigpond. net. au

Something like that is usually developed with the owners of as well as. It’s rare in which someone will resource out the design/creation of this site and then control. What would you are doing once someone got for you Enjoy people fill it out What are the results when something destroys You call your guy to have him repair it It would end up being his website but not yours. Something like that would take many hundreds hours to layout and code, and cost you thousands to have done by way of a professional. Someone only starting out and learning your server-side language may take the duty on for a lesser amount of, but then you have the hassle on the rookie trying to try and do a major little league task.

Spluf POST get what everyone mean. Heck it could take me that long to do that cos I’m totally new on the game. I had seriously considered setting it up for a project for students to undertake at Uni.

Funny you have to mention that as it might be free.

One of this school’s senior projects quite a while ago was the actual Open Ratings engine that may be free to get a hold of and implement. You will observe it in actions at www. polyratings. com

Cool thanks coursesmart was going to get for primary along with secondary students. Thanks for any feedback!

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