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Good day all…

Its been quite some time since i last made an internet site. And the net has changed considerably, so i need a bit of guidance into building a proper website. I’d like to make a private portfolio website, so what’s the basic coding css….. etc. That i will need to use. Should my partner and i make my structure using tables…… And insert my images that approach…….. So i need a help out with more of that backbone of building a website.

Virtually any tips, books, tuts……. are good.

facet note: its a simple 5 page website

http: //img144. exs. cx/img144/703/sample6nt. jpg

A great place to begin is: http: //www. w3schools. com/

Anticipation it helps…

Learn HTML.
Learn CSS.
Go through Blogs. (Why You will not believe the wealth of web site design information you will encounter)
Keep ever coming back to WDF and you will definitely help you along.: classic:

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