Why isn’t code validity stressed here?

Hi, I am new to this site. The other website development forum I typical highly stresses legitimate and up-to-date value. I can recognize why.

— Validation nearly would ensure site accessibility.
– Proper validation helps make your code cleaner plus much more easily readable.
– Validation shows which the developer understands this importance of standards-compliance.
– Writing valid code shows which you care what articles reaches your website visitors.

Etc, et cetera.

However, after browsing by way of a few threads the following, I saw site written in broken HTML 4. 0, eyeglasses, Flash content, and also table layouts provided the thumbs.

Why is always that

they continue to learning. Thats the reason they posting that here…..

I had been on my huge horse about online standards. Everything were required to validate, everything needed to be perfect code or maybe it was nonsense.. That was befor WE relized that webstandards will not make you funds. At least possibly not in and associated with itself.

Must i code with webstandards Without a doubt, always. Does the client care Not any.. They just really want their site to work and make all of them money or yield traffic. So will WE do things ever so often that do not conform to standards Yes if it’s the only way to fix a trouble for my clientele.

A lot of people here are new to website design, or do it for your living and tend to be conserned end of it line than the need to put alternate word into every img tag they place in their code. It’s not necessarily chock full with webstandard preachers who think when you dont abide by every single rule you’re up to it all drastically wrong. It is great those varieties of people are to choose from enforicing and travelling the fight for standards, in the meantime I may be completing assignments with consideriably much less stress..

I’d have to agree with an individual Glaykk. Does it really matter on a regular basis No Will the idea kill you Absolutely no Mike Davidson incorporates a great article with why his website doesnt validate… link
The a pretty intriguing read…

-Validation would not nearly ensure ease of access. If you utilize < h1> rather than < p> all around you it’ll still confirm, but you’ll mess up lots of screen readers that will sort content within heirarchical ways.

-This site’s program code is valid and still quite challenging to read.

Although coding for web standards does, including validation.

To not ever start a rant, although that’s because this kind of site’s code isn’t properly indented, includes inline styling all around you, does not apply external stylesheets, includes linebreaks, etc.

requirements aren’t a be-all, end-all, although ignoring them is usually co$tly and foolish.

All your points are null along with void.

Not the case. Validation has absolutely nothing related to accesiblity.

Not the case. This is valid:

< table> < tr> < td> < div> < span> < span> < span> < span> < span> < span> Something< /span> < /span> < /span> < /span> < /span> < /span> < /td> < /tr> < /table>

It, however is just not clean or straightforward to read.

Not the case. Table-based layouts may be fully valid, still completely against W3C testimonials.

Simply no. Writing good content shows you care what content material reaches your readers. Not the program code marking it way up.

However, I’m a 100 % supporter of standards-based design and style. My layouts (that I produce at work, at least) are regarding the cleanest you’ll find on the web… I do it because I’ve pride in my work and also a passion for exactly what I do. That is why validation should often be stressed. It shows you went that more mile, that you care since your work is ideal, and not simply just satisfactory. Unfortunately, options ever worked with most CMS methods, validation becomes second-priority actually quick.

Validation can be a constant struggle somewhere between writing semantic markup and writing markup that will renders properly normally as possible. If every internet browser strictly followed W3C standards then this could not be nearly the maximum amount an issue. Thankfully, making markup valid is incredibly easy.

Seeing that Brak indirectly pointed out, compliancy is often implied to get XHTML 1. 0/1. 1 whereas you are able to validate even a HTML 3 document. It’ll be nothing like XML but it’s going to match the specification of the language.

I believe I strongly help support web standards, hence the recurrent W3C links (namely this markup/style validation buttons end of it of every page). There is absolutely no reason a site must not use valid code; however, making valid code would not really have any effect on the average consumer.

It’s autogenerated usually; it’s virtually impossible to generate pretty auto-generated signal. Also to modify the code site-wide calls for entirely re-writing countless amounts, if not thousands and thousands, of lines of XHTML because vB developers chose to never make the view part of their product far more abstract.

WHEN I dont think any individual here will dispute that standards are improper, or unessessary. I know we all as a minimum strive to utilize them every way we are able to. But we may not be fooled into thinking the good news is new order and all of us must wake upward and start accomplishing things their manner..

You will need to relize that webstandards isn’t a goal, completing your project will be the goal, standards is just easy methods to get there.

certainly, that’t should possibly be undeniable. If your code validates, people mostly likely think of standards important.

Duh, that you can do poor work along with still validate. But the truth is can’t do outstanding work and never validate (at minimum in my book)!

Sure. It’s hard, inevitably. But possible. Take a look at the nav’s program code at www. ghscc. com. 100% auto-gen, the baby, and it validates while XHTML

WHEN I wrote a CMS process myself — it can be running www. ghscc. com — and the output code doesn’t always have the indentation and also line breaks it might if I wrote the entire document by hand.

But get this: All of this " parts" of the page are, independantly, nicely indented having nice line pauses. So when MY PARTNER AND I, the webmaster, need to change a compo

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