I used to be not sure exactly where this post ought to go so Related to it is within the right category. We have a wordpress blog at www. waikoloavacationrentals. com/big-island-info. I want a category inside the blog that holds plenty of content, but I usually do not want there to be a link on the correct under category. I would just use that url to electronic mail people to visit or to redirect fot it area from additional sites. I usually do not want it noticeable from my blog so they can take any " website juice" from the actual blog. Thanks,

What version of WP do you have

Once we know your version you can direct you towards correct " group plugin".
There’s gotta be something around for a confidential (or invisible) class.

Actually it offers the option connected with private so allow me to try that. It really is 2. 7.

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