WYSIWYG text editors for CMS websites


I make several budget websites that require basic CMS ability so the clients can certainly alter small parts of text and also add links.

As most are budget sites, that hosting I obtain for them doesnt own any databases included.

I make most of these user updateable by using php and writing the information to a txt document then display that text file in the appropriate section belonging to the website. In the backend you will discover input boxes where the user can enter the brand new info which after that gets written to be able to these text data files.

my question is;

is there any WYSIWYG editors i always can embed in the backend of the sites that will give the customer more control belonging to the txt

What I want is a box much like the one Im inputting this message within icons that the person can click onto change the fonts in addition to add hyperlinks and also such. At the moment in the event the user wants bold text they have to add the < strong> tags themselves whereas it might be much easier pertaining to them to just click a strong icon. This also causes problems if the user wants to include an apostraphe and also similar as every time they submit the text you will get an / added prior to a apostraphe.

any ideas

Something like this
http: //tinymce. moxiecode. com/

That’s about all I’ll think of.

Which looks perfect,

Many thanks.

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