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Without doubt guys… this is type of a help/introduction form of post. My appoint is Kai Huang out of Taiwan… and… Im kinda young. 15 to become exact. My sister stays in Academy of Art in Frisco, and I in addition have a.. interest with art. But likewise, I have interest in a great deal of things… basketball, instrument, programming, computer, engineering, art. I started to understand C++ before, but I wasn’t very pleased with only creating products and such. I love drawing, and " hands-on" generating graphics, with Illustrator and such. Therefore… if you combine programming with graphic-making, I THINK you come up with, Web Design. I SIMPLY started today, but Relating to taken one study course in HTML round… a year past, and I still remember some of it. Also, MY SPOUSE AND I went through Wolf1728’s Manual, which was great in addition, Props:. Well… That’s regarding it, any help is usually appreciated, like in which I should start off, and stuff that way.

Oh yea yeah, I got one more question, I’ll be planning to high school dorms next year and I won’t have access to the Internet on my computer system, so is it possible to undertake web-designing without having access to the internet

OH YEA YEAH! ok… umm can you mind going these: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/request_a_service_88/neopets__please_at_least_look_20485. html

Make need help presently there… heh…. = *shank you*

Hey i started while i was about 16. I’m 23 now and i’ve discovered that my understanding of programming and coming up with probably doubles every single 2 years. Yet anyways… its very possible to accomplish web designing without a broadband connection. As your matter of simple fact, i dont involve online connection until i’m wanting to upload the site for the host. I work with the html data locally on my computer.

Understanding HTML definatley will help, but you’ll notice that this editors out at this time keep you from even contemplating the code. My suggestion could be to get yourself familiarized with most of these editors (flash, frontpage, dreamweaver… and for that reason on). As far as programming is worried, PHP is seriously popular right now… nevertheless the way the legitimate world works today… it could possibly be out done together with another language in the future, lol. Anyways, all the best ..

You in Windows

If that’s the case, download yourself your light webserver in which supports php… BRS Webweaver is a great one…

http: //www. brswebweaver. com/

It is possible to technically design sites with no webserver running and you lose the ability to undertake things like SSI (Server Side Includes) or php. Better to get a local webserver along with use that…


Agreed you need some type of webserver to sometimes see PHP as well as ASP work. But I also do not use the web until one more coding is complete and I will be happy with final results. Best thing We can suggest is simply start learning program code, buy yourself a number of good books since no one will have access to be able to online information such as W3C.

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