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I have been prepping a web-site for writing reviews which i and many of my friend will be needed for producing. This is done before, but we looked at a few new ideas which may help the web site to stand on top of the masses. The actual slogan and fonts are generally still WIP. It sports a cartoony feel because I’d prefer it to appear fun on the get go. I’m ready for many crits.

http: //www. zioncreation. com/images/2d/dte_02. gif

Well, I can’t actually say much with out actually seeing it in action, but the rounded corners appear to be they should be a problem. Since circular borders aren’t at present supported in whatever but Firefox, you’d ought to put those in a very background. However, when you put those in a very background image, you’d be limited to the amount space that qualifications image has for the room you have in your content… You could nonetheless pull it off having a hack or a couple, but whatever.

Efficient, though, it seems good, since you say fonts are still while in the works (I think this one’s somewhat straight for the tastes).

I have an alternative way to use rounded line backgrounds with div tags. I may do away with them though, depending on how things exercise.

Here’s a great update on fonts with regard to ya’ll. I’m starting to actually like how it’s starting to appear. Visit the exact link as in advance of.

http: //www. zioncreation. com/images/2d/dte_02. gif

Sure, I definitely prefer the plain sans-serif font for the other one. Great.

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