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I’m an entire novice, having been playing around with web designing for a few weeks, and would likely appreciate some functional advice from table members.

The last month or so have been spent getting to grips with the basics of photoshop and teaching myself Dreamweaver (although I must admit, I found frontpage easier to utilize, if lacking within the dreamweaver features).

I’ve really loved my initiation and am at the stage where I would like to turn this in to a major hobby, my question(s) is this;

A few pointer continue learning dreamweaver and/or frontpage, or would I often be better off understanding html code
Is dreamweaver and/or frontpage very good for what I need, or is yet another package advised
There are tutorials galore all over the web – exist any that you’d probably recommend as standing up out
Do I should find out php or asp

Thanks beforehand

Hi Paul,

Now i’m also a newbie, and have happen to be messing around together with HTML for with regards to 3 months currently.

The most effective tutorials I identified were on www. HTMLGoodies. com. Written by a male called Joe Burns that has a slightly counterfeit sense of humor that makes it less intimedating.

Once i started learning I became told not to work with Dreamweaver or every other enviroment, but to use Notepad. And this I did as well as note pad remains what I apply. I have delivered electronically CoffeCup and various other tools, (including a new trial of Dreamweaver) nevertheless I still exclusively use Notepad.

While you might find it harder first, I belive your’l learn more by just making use of notepad. BUT it is just my judgment, and like MY PARTNER AND I said I’m relitivley new to the to.

Make sure you definitely learn WEB CODING!
Unless you understand the main code, you will be extremely limited.

Because you get more reassured, you will inevitably be working primarily around Dreamweavers ‘code view’. DW can perform attractive tedious tasks in your case (filling out every one of the mandatory document definitions, spitting out the particular skeletal code any time creating tables, etc), and it is in that respect an incredible tool. It will likely help you along since you learn HTML, since you can switch between ‘design’ along with ‘code’ view, to discover what’s happening beneath the hood.

In combination with learning HTML, you should put lots of effort into understanding CSS. CSS are going to be your primary layout tool, and can perform several different additional tasks.

If you would like have any type of interactivity built into your website, you would ought to learn a serverside language. There are several different languages to select from (ASP (VB script), ASPX (C#, VB#), JSP, PHP, to mention the most common).
When you start learning any of the languages, you needs to have a firm grip on HTML and no less than skeletal CSS. Usually, you will possess major problems buying a conceptual understanding regarding how these languages interact with HTML CODE.

Of the before mentioned languages, PHP is the easiest begin with. It’s very powerful, but beeing ‘loosely typed’ it truly is easier to get at grips with (at least when you have no prior programming experience) when you begin out.

Dreamweaver can be industry standard. So if you aim to consider your hobby more and maybe get it done as a occupation, you HAVE to realize how to use dreamweaver. Knowing HTML can be a must to, but Dreamweaver has a tendency to do it all for you personally.

There a wide range of good tutorials with using DW. You are able to start at online world. macromedia. com and also nav to DW. Simply my $. 02

Knowing some requisites in HTML can be a must, but if you would like make elaborate sites seeing that look proffessional, I’d personally still suggest DreamWeaver.

What to use is focused on what kind of site you wish to make, and simply how much experience and time you could have. I’m sure the experienced person can perform the same along with notepad, as having DreamWeaver. But using DreamWeaver might make it alot easier for yourself. Espacially because you are able to work in program code and still easily talk about to design-mode in making changes.

A very important factor I would suggest you is utilizing Frontpage. Over time i’ve come to be annoyed with Frontpage.

My business is now a expert designer. I don’t utilize dreamweaver. Knowing programs which have been used to write code isn’t important. You can save money and be able to use them after you get a job. Knowing how for you to code and apply either photoshop or fireworks could be the two most things on your job application. Also, if you’ll be able to actionscript and produce flash animations, you may have a much a lot easier time getting chosen.

I remember how as being a novice was enjoyable. I recommend experiencing each html tag to comprehend it’s use. Identical thing goes to get css. Also, work hard to develop a style of your. There is simply no definite assurance that you’ve got a good style until most people begin giving anyone positive crits. It took me lots of years to even receive one positive crit.

I highly recommend Notepad for your early work. This may force you to be able to memorize html and also other scripting languages. It is important to learn these things by heart early in the hobby.

Don’t get glued with a gui, such as Dreamweaver. What happens in case you get a web site design job and you will need to use vim or emacs on *nix for your coding

As a final point, I know together asp and php. I’d personally begin by knowing php. If you might be seeking a job, it is extremely important to know as many aspects of web site creation and often. I applied regarding an asp selection job. I wound up getting it with only expertise in php, photoshop, thumb, and mySQL. Now i’m now am comfortable and use html document, css, flash, php, asp, Oracle, mySQL, and anything my hands grab ahold of.

I would recommend Notepad for writing almost any code. Notepad is ineffiecient rather than meant for coding. When you have Dreamweaver, switch over to the " program code view" mode, and also type your computer code there. Typing code around Dreamweaver isn’t about to make you any kind of worse at keying code, it might most likely make you more effective. It will vehicle indent and colouring code your do the job, which will assist you to now and later on. PHP is harder to master than HTML, and the color coding arrive in handy when you’ve forgotten any semi-colon or have extra quote.

WHEN I haven’t used that, but Crimson Editor has also recieved good reviews on this subject board. Using Notepad as opposed to a good signal editor li

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