Getting a table cell to be independent of the table

Definitely, I’m working over a site and have a very problem. The site is developed which has a table as it has the foundation, with photos, banners, all the same old stuff. Here’s the condition though: on the eventually left hand side in the table is this menu, on the very best the banner. In the bottom right mobile, which I formed by merging a variety of cells, I would like to use it because the main area to get information and stuff that way, but when I head over to type, the cell retains expanding making complete table larger plus larger. Also, only hit enter, it extends the height of on the list of cells from the actual menu. I want this one particular cell i always am typing inside be exactly like the box that I accustomed to type this article, in that I’ll type information sorts of independent from changing the table, only extending that height of itself and also the table, but not another cells, etc. I also may need and therefore put images plus stuff into the idea, so I cannot utilize a text area as I used to be thinking about. Thanks for any help!

Alter: I just realized I also want it and therefore scroll within that box itself. Is niagra possible I have a very table and a cell on the right, and I want it to have a very scroll bar in the cell so it can scroll down. Anyone have any ideas

Never mind, I figured it out. I have to use layers. Then I just select auto for overflow also it allows it to help scroll. Even though in the design window it appears to be it goes beyond the table, when i view it in the browser, it succeeds. Thanks anyways men!

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