Adobe buys Macromedia??

Have a look at http: //www. adobe. com/aboutadobe/invrelations/adobeandmacromedia. code

: sleeping:: amazed:: laugh:: thumbsup:

Perfect summary of thoughts… lol.

That may be huge.

That really sucks. Does this imply they might be doing away by using certain products(fireworks, freehand, mode maker, etc)
Foolish monopolies. Now adobe controlls a lot of web design program.

They are guaranteed to ditch certain goods. I really desire fireworks isn’t one too. I have produced to love it previously 3-4 months no I couldn’t go daily without it.

This deal may be the deal that will potentially change the design industry. Now there is just one main company dictating your immediate future of the web. That’s a fairly scary thought in my opinion.

With a plus though this could make work less difficult and files much more compatible. Exporting coming from one, and directly into the other without the need of problems and certainly not losing quality and also certain visual effects.

Maybe they should combine the sturdy points of several products together. Dreamweaver with it’s bundle connected with features, Golive with it’s stability.
I fear that by looking on the products and getting a concept of what’s popular and what’s not necessarily, there may often be no place there for Fireworks.

I’m confused if many people realise the best way big this is usually, that these two giant companies are usually merging

A few more details is located here, http: //www. markme. com/mesh/archives/007504. cfm if you ever interested that is usually.

A single else have just about any thoughts or opinions for this Maybe where the simple truth is the company heading about it all What programs will be kept and what programs might be ditched

All I care usually they not axe Dreamweaver plus Photoshop. They obviously won’t kill Photoshop but Dreamweaver includes a competitive Adobe solution. They’ll still possibly keep it.

There’s no doubt that Dreamweaver would end up being too prestigious that will just axe direct off.

I hope that the Macromedia type of user interface can be retained in favour of Adobe’s " let’s try and suprise the customer and break standards" program.

I think GoLive will probably be ditched to tell the truth maybe small issues with that product will probably be used.

However lets face it. The only REAL reason behind this is Pen. It has that they are. Adobe had nothing on this area.

Dave Shea summed that up pretty well with luck with this submit, http: //www. mezzoblue. com/archives/2005/04/18/macrodobia/index. php

Products they have to keep instead associated with others are Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash in my opinion. They are this big sellers inside their areas and sound the obvious alternatives. All the others I’m unsure what they will perform with. I think it will have a lot of merging taking place ,. Certainly going to become a tad interesting observing how this just about all unfolds. Like WE said though, I will be sad to check out them say goodbye to Fireworks. I appreciate that program these days. But I consider your say filburt. The one product which I’m sure wont have to be concerned for it’s lifestyle is Photoshop.

I still are unable to quite believe that is happening. Just seems to acquire come without warning. Did I overlook something

He did this a stunning shock, as I thought both companies had some kind of userbase in numerous markets, and were possibly not in direct competition against each other. (apart from fringe solutions like GoLive etc)

Then again, they are each market leaders in two intertwining job areas. It’s a normal development from which standpoint.

Hopefully we’ll find the best of both worlds (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash) combined in a very new bundle that seamlessly have interaction.

Does the following mean GoogleGulp may become real

You understand, because of your monopoly thingy and people running over other stuff.

Seriously, now google just has to by this company after which you can make GooOS and microsoft will present nothing to do to sort it out! MWAHAHAHA!

So what could it be called Adobemedia Macradobe Adobia Macrobe Macradobemedia Amacrodomediabe

This is going to change the marketing of interactive design forever. Yes, genuinely. I’m scared, plus excited, to see just what exactly this has in hold for that web in general.

I think its likely to be great for that web! Bringing the top of both oceans into one. I hope the exec’s in high places dont play the electricity game and axe products that countless users are implementing. I. E. fireworks: typical:

I really cant wait to see what unfolds….

It can probably just often be adobe. Or they should leave macromedia alone but please take a cut of the profits that could be better as compared to cutting certain macromedia products then cutting certain addobe solutions.

Well, seeing that Adobe is acquireing Macromedia, There’s no doubt that that Dreamweaver may be going off and GoLive will probably be enhanced with includes from Dreamweaver.

Sure, and I recognize that maybe they are going to keep Macromedia Flash plus the Photoshop chain, though they should, obviously, ditch Fireworks…
Naturally, Photoshop is extra sophisticated than Fireworks around features and issues, so, not to say anything bad, I would also ditch fireworks…

SERIOUSLY, Adobe is shopping for out everything. This will put Adobe more in-depth inside monopoly market. Hopefully it defintely won’t be like water and gas suppliers. They can keep raise the price though the amount demanded will continue to keep stay the same with the lack of some other software available. Oh well: ichatwink:

I can say, Adobe is usually a massive company…

Well it will really suck to see dream weaver go under besides go live.

really, i really concur.

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