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Hey guys, my name is Dave Gaon My organization is new to the globe of web layout. I need to style a simple e-commerce site with several webpages. Could you guys give some tips of what web page building software ought to be a use. Something simple and user friendly probably fits my home since am new for this field. Also, price is no hassle since my company pays for this. Thanks a ton for helping!

Dave Gaon

you possibly can always pay considered one of us to take action for you:

oscommerce is usually pretty popular, unsure about the particulars though.
there are many free as well as commercial content management systems which may have e-commerce features.

might someone say dreamweaver MX

Allow me to, but I often tag a 2004 about the end; -).

Critically, though, Dreamweaver will last developing HTML, but I’ve located it rather lacking in terms of PHP development. For anyone who is going to make use of a separate system including oscommerce, of program, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

MY PARTNER AND I also personally hatred the fonts/highlighting colors DW uses, but that’s individual preference and I have never actually irritated to poke around in an attempt to find a inclination to change these.

And allow me to take this chance to say that the sole nice fixed thicker fonts I’ve found abundant (i. e., and not using a web search) are already on Linux. w00t regarding Bitstream Vera Sans

end sleeping, buy numerous book, search the online, and start mastering. in a calendar year or two you will not need any software anymore. hehe best of luck tho!

Except I do not think he has any want to wait a 12 months or two pertaining to his e-commerce web site.

Oh, MY PARTNER AND I forgot… I seemed to be kidding.

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