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Hi All,
Whilst I am just getting started, a friend determined and now possesses asked me to look at over and up-date her herbal items site. So far delicious. I do possess two questions.
She has already signed up for Paymentech (hopefully perfect, done before I became in the picture) but would need to secure her internet site before Paymentech units up. I was thinking Verisign, just about any comments
As well, is there a method to have an intelligent email sent from your website to the particular seller’s email every time a transaction is produced. According to Paymentech you will need to log on back for info, simply no email notification.
She hopes to offer in-a-hurry distribution if its necessary. (You know if you ever had poison ivy that you do not want to wait. )To do that it would better if the woman’s email gave the girl the heads ” up “. Any suggestions

Well Verisign wouldnt be the wrong idea but however in case you send her the email just tell her it requires imediate attention so she can sign in and get the information. Email if very insecure where the web goes so that you really should email her each of the specifications on another person’s order. That can be a major liability. Just make use of a script that claims if immediate shipping is required then mailto: herherwebadrees. com.

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